Update from Dr. Chika Amobi, winner of the Victoria Cohen Scholarship 2023

Since arriving in Philadelphia at the start of June I have started my fellowship training in ocular oncology at the Wills Eye Hospital under the mentorship of Dr. Carol Shields.

I have only been here a short while but I am already witnessing and learning a lot! I have learned how to perform vision screenings, follow up on patients using imaging studies, and create retinal drawings.

I have observed the management of various cases, including benign and malignant tumours in different locations of the eye, and have followed up with patients suspected of having melanomas. In the operating room, I have watched a range of surgical procedures, including examinations under anaesthesia for different conditions, tumour excision and incisional biopsies, panretinal photocoagulation, intravitreal injections, and radioactive plaque insertions.

Additionally, I have been assigned a topic to present during the ocular oncology rounds, which take place every last Tuesday of the month. It has been a very eventful and fulfilling experience for me.

I remain grateful to the Victoria Cohen Eye Cancer Charitable Trust for the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills in this field. Thank you for your continued support.