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Please complete this form to start the process of applying for the Victoria Cohen scholarship for aspiring ocular oncologists. We will contact you for more information in due course.

After we receive your submission, we will contact you by e-mail to let you know the status of your application.
If you are shortlisted we will ask you to provide the following:
  • A CV including a list of publications.
  • A letter from the fellowship supervisor indicating your preliminary acceptance, tentative fellowship dates, and plan.
  • A letter or reference that comments on how your fellowship will benefit ocular oncology clinical care or research endeavours in your country.
  • A one-page personal statement, outlining your prior experience in ophthalmology and ocular oncology, your reasons for pursuing the fellowship, and your long term plans.

Please do not send any of these until we ask you to do so.
I have reviewed my responses and the next steps above, and I would like to apply for this award.

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