Eckert & Ziegler backing

The Victoria Cohen Eye Cancer Charitable Trust is delighted to have the backing of Eckert & Ziegler.

Nick Rapley, Chair of the VCECCT commented, “Our mission is to support aspiring ocular oncologists through their training and education so that they can go on to save the lives, eyes, and vision of those affected by eye cancer. To do this we need the financial backing of pharmaceutical and medical equipment suppliers, amongst others. We are grateful to Eckert & Ziegler for leading the way and are keen to discuss opportunities with other relevant companies.”

Carmen Schulz, Product Manager Ophthalmology at Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG GmbH, explained: “The Victoria Cohen Eye Cancer Charitable Trust is a fantastic initiative to sustainably promote the profession of ocular oncology. We are glad that with our support we can make a small contribution to the necessary specialization of the experts and thus to the fight against ocular cancer.”